Appvise’s network allows safe, fast and effective communication between the school, teachers, parents and students. It serves to improve the commitment to each child´s educational process whilst facilitating follow-ups.

Exchange of safe and secure information

The service guarantees the delivery and receipt of authorizations, notifications, communications or other urgent messages accurately and securely between parents and the school.

Strict control of student performance

Thanks to the academic monitoring tool, the progress of students, information on grades, exams, data related to school attendance and behavioral changes can be consulted at any time.

Immediate and far-reaching messaging

All kinds of information can be sent and immediately received by the use of a single click directly to various mobile devices

Effective contact with the entire school community

The student will be able to share class notes with peers. The teacher will be able to share meeting schedules via videoconferencing with the parents which can subsequently be followed up with the student.

Digital organization tools

All necessary tools for teachers and students are provided in order to plan activities and duties, thus obtaining more effective and productive organization through the use of calendars, agendas, schedules, etc…

Pioneering geolocation tool

A pioneer tool in security is incorporated. A GPS system which enables parents to consult anonymously, and in real time, the location of their children.

Unified news cannel

By combining the old bulletin board, the traditional agenda, newsletters, calendar, web news we have unified them in an accessible digital platform.

Technical support

Our support team will be available to serve all kinds of inquiries in a fast, friendly and efficient manner, resolving doubts that may arise with the communication network when using the application.


In order to contribute in the search for missing persons, we will broadcast AMBER alerts massively and immediately through our communication network.


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