Appvise is a project that was created on the way to school, born out of daily conversations with parents who were increasingly aware of the need to improve communications between school and families.

Initially, thanks to the support of Integra Technologies and subsequently through the effort of the whole team who today form part of Appvise, we´ve managed to successfully implement our idea.  Appvise is a technological project that facilitates smooth and effective communication between the various actors who form part of a student´s education – parents, teachers and schools -.

Appvise brings education directly into the home so that parents can participate in the educational process of their children, thus improving the quality of teaching.  Aside from the technological aspects of this tool, and thanks to the major innovations that we´ve introduced, we´ve managed to turn this into a powerful mechanism to combat bullying in schools.

Meanwhile at Appvise we haven´t forgotten our obligations as a socially responsible company.  For this reason, and alongside of implementing the technology, our CSR department tries to increase the educational community´s awareness of social problems.

We are eco-friendly!

In APPVISE we are aware of the current environmental degradation and the urgency of taking action. Therefore, we are environmentally friendly through the integration of ecological and recycling measures within the company’s operations. We implement the 3 R’s rule Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as we are able to optimize our waste management and make a responsible use of resources.

According to this, we develop this philosophy through our technology which encourages our users to participate in these actions and promote the sustainable recovery of the natural environment.