Carlos Paz

Founder and CEO

Developed advanced software at only 11 years of age and in the last 25 he participated in the creation of at least 15 companies related to the world of computer engineering. Visionary, self-taught entrepreneur, combines technological development with his hobbies: playing drums with his rock band and sports.

Harrison Vargas


He is a tireless hardwoker. Thanks to this effort he is a successful business man. Currently he is managing the office operations in USA. His social commitment transcends borders, he firmly believes that companies must revert a social investment to the world.

David Rodríguez

Commercial Strategy Developer

Defender of business ethics and convinced that the company are people who form it. He has developed marketing and sales strategies for companies from various sectors. Creator, coordinator and team builder, spends his free time playing the electric guitar, sports and travel risk.

Gonzalo Acha

Chief Operating Officer

Serial entrepreneur. At his young age he has founded more than 6 companies and has developed his professional activity in the agricultural, hospitality and financial sectors. Seeking new challenges and convinced that technology is the future, blends with his passion for equestrian sports undertaking and rural areas.

Gerardo Rivillas

Chief Financial Officer

Financial engineer, actor and photographer, has over 13 years’ experience in finance and telecommunications companies and over 30 in the artistic sector. He has combined his passion for his three professions with family, convinced that having a friend is having a great treasure.

Juan Múzquiz Herrero

Psychologist and anti-bullying expert

Psychologist, university teacher and researcher. He considers the access of education as a need, luxury and pleasure. He feels complete satisfaction working with patients, children, families and students. He avoids using sensationalism terms on the subject of bullying and believes that the solution is based on a reflection on our role as a parents and educators.

Daniel Sáez

Educational Consultant

Vocational teacher, He has 10 years of experience within the Education field. He believes that strong values are the essential pillar of the educational system. Through his effort, commitment and avid dedication Dani feels rewarded with the smiles and affection of his students. He combines the Appvise project with his passion for arts and his more valuable treasure: his family.


Natalia Monzon

Office Image Designer

Design and decoration passionate lover, she is convinced that her best creation are her children. Inspiring cell of Appvise, she is committed to everything that she undertakes. She has led hotel groups in Argentina, USA and Spain. Years ago she decided to hang her boots to plan and take care of her family.

Janeth Maciel

Customer Service

After completing her Degree in Economy, the Marketing studies brought her to Spain. She enjoys watching movies, listening to music and reading advertising magazines but what she really loves are kids. Her involvement in social projects since she was 10 years old perfectly aligns her with Appvise’s commitment to work in child protection.

Natasha Ametrano

Art director

Dreamer, loves animals, chocolate, cartoons and of course design quality. She spent hours dreaming of belonging to a project that would change the world, and every day she is closer to reach it. She is characterized by her commitment to all jobs performed in order to achieve the best results.

Beltrán Luque

Chief Manager Audiovisual

Working in a sugar factory when he was 18 years old strengthened his dream to work in music and cinema industry. During the last 11 years he has studied in International Film Schools in Spain, US and Cuba what made him a multidisciplinary filmmaker. He put high doses of passion in everything he does especially in animals defense and his performance at work.

Javier Gómez Sánchez

Graphic designer

He discovered fine arts in the company of his aunts, but it wasn´t until he sat down for the first time in front of a cinema screen that a whole new world opened up for him. In his professional life, he alternates his extensive experience in the world of film and television with his passion for design and editing. He believes that in order to achieve one´s dreams, it´s important to not limit them.

Ana Belén Medialdea


From a very early age, she dreamt of finding solutions to problems and for this reason, she considers herself extremely fortunate to be working in a profession which she loves. A specialist in both families and teens, she firmly believes in the possibility that people can change. As a strategic psychologist, she considers that, in order to modify a problematical situation, we need to do things differently from how they have done previously.

Efrén Caicedo

Colombia Country Manager

He is experienced business manager within the financial field and independent entrepreneur with commercial vocation. He is convinced that the world could be different doing a responsible business and applying integrity to give back to the planet our gratitude.

Lucas Velez

USA Chief Operating Officer

Born in Medellin (Colombia), as a Paisa he rises up to any challenge and obstacles. With a combined experience of over 15 years in leadership roles in fields ranging from sales to merchandising. His passions are his husband, his family, aviation and sci-fi movies. He always keeps a “Think BIG!” attitude.

Gaston L. Garcia

EVP International Markets

Passionate, driven entrepreneur with a long journey of materializing dreams. Created and developed teams under the belief that If you want to go fast, you go alone and if you want to go far, go together. A visionary that achieves with the understanding that resourcefulness is the ultimate resource. An animal lover that enjoys sports and traveling.

Gabriela Torcal


Psychologist. In her capacity as a specialist in Neuropsychology and Education she firmly believes that change and improvement are possible at any stage of our life. She also firmly believes that values and principles are the basis of happiness and human relationships. She loves to learn from others and also from reading. She enjoys art in all its forms from literature through music, cinema, theater and painting.

Sara Olano


Her original vocation was in Clinical Psychology, from which she graduated initially. She then choose to specialize in issues associated with childhood, adolescence and family therapy.  She considers that education and prevention should be present from an early age, thus ensuring the absence of issues which in turn contribute to people´s happiness. She also considers that learning, effort and perseverance are the basis which enable us to achieve our goals. She is a lover of nature and of animals.

Marta Fernández López


An educational and research psychologist who specializes in development processes not just within the context but also with populations at risk. She is passionate about working with people to improve their quality of life.  Equally, she is a firm believer that the quality of an intervention should not just be measured by its excellence but also by its impartiality.