All companies have a responsibility to care for the impact they generate on society and contribute, as far as possible, in constructing a more just and unbiased world.

In line with our commitment to promoting equality and access to opportunities, Appvise actively contributes towards the access of children to education through social programs. We are currently collaborating with projects in Colombia and Gambia. However, the challenge is to continue increasing our network of partnerships with social organizations both in Spain and in the countries where other group representatives currently operate.


APPVISE is currently working with the Foundation Dream a Dream Colombia ( This Foundation was established in 2009 with the aim of returning the smiles to children from a neighborhood of Baranquilla where extreme violence is common, by offering them entertaining and educational activities.
The current project of this Foundation focuses on the construction of a school for the ethnic minority Kankuama in Valledupar, located in Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta which will make education available to about 25 children. This ethnic group was massacred during the armed conflict from 1985 to 2008 when more than 450 people died.


In the coming months we will launch a project in Gambia, a country with one of lowest rates of human development in the world. Each year, the United Nations indicator analyzes the health, education and income of Gambian citizens, registering it as one of the five poorest countries in the world. Currently, we are working on the identification phase of the project with local staff in the country.

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