Through the use of mobile devices we offer content, resources and advice to teachers, parents and pupils. Our tool means that the students´ formation is coherent and that what has been learnt in school can be carried on at home.

We currently offer content and resources in the areas of bullying, cyberbullying, emotional intelligence, social skills, co-operative learning, democratic management in the classroom, respect and tolerance as well as attention to diversity.

We are sensitive to the new demands which almost on a daily basis, come to our attention. For this reason, our team at Appvise is made up of qualified multidisciplinary professionals who, together with action protocols which have been previously verified, are on hand to give you answers.

We are only too well that families, students and teachers suffer from lack of sufficient time in their day. Given this fact, our content is brief and practicable. What´s more, it´s been organized and designed to accompany the students´ development at each step of his academic training at school.